Doomsday Prepping 101: What Does A Basic Bug-out Kit Need?

Opinions vary, but there are basic items most preppers agree every bug-out kit needs. Across the nation, people are jumping on the doomsday prepwagon, collecting items that are “must haves” for what many believe to be an “inevitable” scenario of world-wide destruction—or, at least, total chaos and destruction in their own areas that will force … Read more

Best Bell Peppers For Eating And Cooking

Some fans of bell peppers may question genetic manipulation, but according to Ron Goldy of Michigan State University Extension, some peppers have benefitted from a genetic intolerance incorporated into some commercial pepper varieties. Phytophthora is a fungal disease that can destroy crops of peppers when it attacks the roots, shoots and fruit. Not only is … Read more

UFO Sightings Warn Of Alien Invasion, States Stephen Hawking Who Fears Seti’s Search

STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is the collective name for a search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, but famed British scientist Stephen Hawking is warning that the SETI efforts to actively “contact possible intelligent life out there is way too risky and dangerous,” states the new book “First Contact” that also … Read more

UFO Sightings Linked To Belief And Origins, Said Ken Kesey

BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – Ken Kesey liked to quote Arthur Schopenhauer when explaining his belief in UFOs and aliens; the view is “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second, it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” When Ken Kesey returned from a trip to Egypt with the … Read more

UFO Sighting Signature Sri Yantra Discovered In Oregon, Now Found Worldwide

EUGENE, Ore. – Research at numerous Eugene libraries, including the vast collections of UFO materials at the University of Oregon library, finds numerous versions of the “Sri Yantra” symbol that’s featured with this story; while, at the same time, the “watchers” UFO group’s recent meeting at the resort town of Seaside turned up “thousands of … Read more

UFO Sighting Evidence Files Unearthed At Brays Point

As the world awaits the release of WikiLeaks UFO files by founder Julian Assange, there’s newly unearthed stories about “extraterrestrial” life in and around Ken Kesey’s summer home at Bray’s Point; with Kesey using “using astral projection” and “watching the lights” over his beachfront property that he compared to the aurora borealis thanks to his … Read more