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Jennifer Aniston's celebrity nutritionist Unveils Diet Designs, a Nutrition Makeover

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Celebrity Nutritionist Carrie Wiatt, who crafts personalized nutrition programs for current and former clients such as Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, unveil a new nutrition makeover called Diet Designs.

Nutrition is getting a makeover and it’s just for you! Founded by celebrity Nutritionist Carrie Wiatt M.S., Author and Educator, Diet Designs® Custom Culinary Concierge program personalizes the meal delivery experience. Offering a synergistic approach to healthy living, Diet Designs incorporates individual nutritional counseling that considers the whole person. Combining client preferences and endless menu options along with Wiatt’s expertise, Diet Designs serves a one-two punch results-oriented program focused on healthy food that tastes great!

Crafting programs for current and former clients including Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, James Franco, and Donnie Wahlberg, Wiatt develops a personal relationship with her clients taking into account their medical and nutritional history. In addition, she works directly with doctors, trainers, and R.D.s as she counsels clients on a weekly basis. Wiatt is involved in the creation of recipes and meal plans on every level. For clients not looking for meal delivery, Wiatt provides phone consultations and personalized diets that incorporate Diet Designs’ signature recipes.

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to health. However, there are six essential nutrients required by the human body and none should be completely omitted from a diet. This fact is missing from today’s health landscape,” explains Wiatt. “Diet Designs does not follow trends; we focus on providing those necessary nutrients while teaching the basics of weight maintenance. We make it enjoyable by creating healthy, low-calorie, low-fat real food and delivering it fresh to your door.”

Since 1992, Diet Designs has excelled as Hollywood’s original meal delivery service. Diet Designs charges no additional fees for “dislikes” and clients are never required to sign a contract. We offer nationwide shipping for all clients at home and while traveling. Wiatt’s passion for great food, with a focus on vitality and lifelong health are the cornerstones of Diet Designs’ philosophy.

Nine nutrition tips from Diet Designs

1. To prevent food borne illnesses, check the temperature of your refrigerator. It should be set at 40 degrees or less. Your freezer should read 0 degrees or less. Temperatures above these levels can increase the risks of illnesses. And always check dates and labels, especially on dairy products. “When in Doubt, Throw it Out!”

2. Trying to get more calcium and protein into your diet by eating yogurt? Throw away fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt and stock up on low fat, low sugar varieties. Nonfat, plain or Greek yogurt sweetened with 1 tsp agave or honey is a healthy option.

3. Get rid of high calorie sauces like BBQ, mayonnaise, cheesy sauces, dips and the likes. Replace them with low calorie, light and low sodium versions. Instead, incorporate “free” condiments such as chili sauce, horseradish, vinegars, fresh salsa, Bragg’s Amino Acids, and seasoning blends into your meals. But if you crave indulgent condiments, eat only 2 tablespoons per day.

4. Stock the refrigerator with low calorie beverages. Swap your once-a-day soda habit with an occasional better-for-you ginger ale or Hansen soda. Sip on healthier beverages like flavored teas. Add excitement to water with cucumber, mint, or a slice of lemon, orange, or even cherries when in season. Or try Diet Designs delicious Pomegranate tea recipe:

o Use 5 bags of green tea with chamomile (we use Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Green Tea), 8 ounces pure pomegranate juice (we use Pom Wonderful) and 4 cups boiling water

o Add tea bags to boiling water. Steep for five minutes. Remove tea bags, add pomegranate juice and enjoy!

5. Dig into the freezer and trash sodium-laden, high calorie frozen meals as well as any full fat frozen treats there to satisfy the late night sweet tooth. Instead, substitute with whole fruit sorbets (Ciao Bella is a favorite!), low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. Make your own frozen treats by freezing a few handfuls of grapes or ½ a banana with ½ ounce melted dark chocolate.

6. Freezing leftovers? Prevent freezer burn, by tightly wrapping food and the containers in plastic wrap, removing as much extra air as possible.

7. Still hanging on to salty snacks, chips, and cookies? Ditch anything full of dyes, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, and preservatives. Substitute these with healthy snacks such as black bean chips, “Kind” and “Kashi” granola bars, brown rice crackers, plain popcorn, or raw nuts, such as almonds and pistachios. Go even further and choose snacks that come from the refrigerator to satisfy cravings. Fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products are great options for between-meal snacks. As always, remember to keep an eye on your portion size. Don’t eat directly from any bag or before you know it, you’ll quickly overindulge!

8. Stock up on fiber-rich and whole grain products, such as rolled oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pasta, and barley. Other great items to keep on hand are low sodium canned beans to add protein and spices to pack your meals with flavor. Keep a few low sodium soups like butternut squash or tomato for a quick low calorie lunch or appetizer prior to dinner.

9. Anything you do not eat (if not out-of-date and safe to eat) should be donated to a local food bank, shelter, church, etc. Either drop these off or call for FREE pick-up.

By Jessica Mark Wohlwend


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Diet Designs? Overpriced, uninspired meals that not only DO NOT deliver results, but are SAD in comparison with other options. Anyone in L.A. that falls for this misrepresentation is not doing their homework.

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