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8 Reasons Your Real Estate Blog Isn't Making Your Phone Ring

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Real Estate Blogging Tip

Most of us are here to increase our real estate business. We write, we write again, and again and we wait for the phone to ring, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to happen. Why doesn't it ring?

Well you know the saying "it's not you, it's me?" in every movie about a breakup? Well that saying is on the money, it really is about the writer when blogging isn't working. It can be a tough pill to swallow but if the phone isn't ringing there are two primary choices:

1. We're doing it wrong.

2. We just haven't been patient enough and allowed our blog to gain critical mass.

Now assuming we've been patient enough and written plenty of blog posts (and by plenty we don't mean a couple of dozen posts), what can be standing in the way of blogging success? Here are some possibilities:

1. Your audience selection. Beware the hazard of directing too many of your posts to the ActiveRain community. Comments are nice, but unless you live somewhere likely to provide plenty of referrals, writing AR-centric posts are not a productive way to build your business.

2. You've got a lot of competition. In our area not too many agents blog. But if you live in an area with a high agent density who blog, you're going to have to bring your "A" game to gain clients.

3. Google, Bing and the other bots don't like you. Okay, it's not personal, but if you have zip for keywords in your post, you could write the greatest masterpiece post ever, and you'll be buried on page 36 of the Google results. When's the last time you went to page 36 of the search results for anything? If we're really desperate we might make it to page 3, but for the most part the bots are WAY better than they used to be about figuring out what we want, so page 1 or at worst page 2 is going to give us what we need and want. Write to get found!

4. Your content is hard to read. It could be aesthetics (no white space and itty bitty font) or you could be using too much agent-speak. While FSBO, short sale and the like might be perfectly clear to those in the business, can the average layman read your post and understand the message?

5. Your attitude. Sad, angry, bitter, burnt can all show through in the way you write and your comment responses. Fact is if post after post comes from a negative place, you could be scaring off potential clients. We meet very few people who intentilanlly want to hire a jackass.

6. Your writing is sloppy. While you might be able to get away with an infrequent typo or grammar error, if your post is packed with mistakes, why is someone going to feel comfortable trusting a huge financial transaction to you? Exception, if English is your second (or third or fourth) language, you might get a lot more slack in this category.

7. Content is king, and you're the jester. You've got to provide content that the consumer wants and ideally isn't finding elsewhere. They'll see You as the subject matter expert and call. If on the other hand you're writing information they can find in 47 other places, you've lost any chance of being the agent they see as the expert. Be complete and thorough with your posts, and localize when you can.

8. Who are you? If your posts are all real estate ALL the time, you might actually hurt your chances. There's nothing wrong with giving a peek behind the curtains to you as a real human. People want to find common ground, and your pets, your kids, your hobbies, your church, etc., may all provide that touch point. And some folks might disagree on the religion topic, but I know we've had plenty of clients that at least in part based their selection of us on that common belief.

So if your phone isn't ringing from blogging, it's time to take a step back and look at your blogging body of work. What's the overall theme? Is your content solid? Will an incognito search for your desired key words find you, or are you MIA? Still can't figure it out? Ask someone you trust to give you an honest assessment. That examination and a willingness to adapt may be just the ticket to making your phone ring!

Liz and Bill aka BLiz
Real Estate Agent / Mason, OH
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