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Analyzing Active Rain Titles - Does it hurt SEO?

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Margaret Gross on Real Estate Titles SEO

Much has been said about creating titles or headlines of our posts that are appealing and click-worthy. I have tied my titles in knots trying to figure out what makes people interested enough to click and read. Is it emotional? Do emotions sell houses - yes! What about facts and figures - it's hopeless to make a market report seem anything but what it is.

I bring this up because I was scrolling through old bookmarks and came across a post written in 2010 by a former Active Rain member (I say former because his last post was in 2011.)

His post was titled, "Give Your Blog Posts Better Headlines with One Easy Tool! Use AMI's Headline Analyzer." That sounds pretty snappy to me so I checked it out. Basically, AMI stands for Advanced Marketing Institute and they offer a free tool that will analyze your headline for three different variants: emotional, intellectual, and spiritual (not necessarily based on religion).

They explain that well-written headlines can get a score of 25-50%, professionally written ones can get up to 50-75% or even more.

So here is the conundrum. One of my posts titled, "Homes for Sale on Woodley Road" is about a specific area with photos, content, and links to homes for sale. The title gets a 33.33% rating.

If I change it to "Buying a Home on Beautiful Woodley Road" it gets a 42.86%

Finally, "Would you Like to Live on Woodley Road" receives a 50%

My question is - do we write titles that buyers and sellers are actually going to type into Google, such as
Woodley Road Homes for Sale," or do we try being creative and perhaps not show up at all? Does anyone actually search for a term like "Would you Like to Live . . ."

A savvy headline might get more people to click through - but how will it show up with words that are evocative or compelling but not search-worthy? Should we use one title for the actual blog but change it when we syndicate to Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc? Do fancy titles hurt our SEO?

I like the idea of working with my titles and some are more easily transformed and strengthened than others. But I wonder if a boring title is what it takes to get found.

What do you think?

Analyze your titles at: Headline Analyzer. There is a limit to the times you are allowed - they say it affects accurate analysis.

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