Benefits of Facebook SEO for Real Estate Agents and Its Difference from Google

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Facebook Search and Real Estate

What could differentiate Facebook SEO from SEO in traditional search engines like Google and Bing for real estate agents and how can your businesses benefit from this new development getting you more leads from Facebook search.

As Realtors may already know recently Facebook made a big change, expanding top public posts and letting its users to search every public post and data. covered this news on October 23, explaining this as a new SEO opportunity for real estate agents.

Now we are going to talk about how this new change from Facebook is different from traditional search engines and how doing the right SEO will help your blog or property listings to rank better in Facebook Search Results, thus bringing you more targeted leads. These people can potentially become your customers.

Customized Results

Facebook search results will be similar to those results in Google when people search while logged in to Google. In other words they will be highly customized. When you are logged in to Google and search, Google knows more about you and its search algorithm can customize results to meet your personal interests.

In the case of Facebook, people can use it only if they are logged in to Facebook. Therefore, Facebook know more about you, your interests and preferences, sites you visit and it will show you hyper-customized results when you search anything on Facebook.

How To Rank Your Listings High on Facebook Search

This strong customization means that each user will have his or her hyper-personalized search algorithm and this will leave very little room for traditional generic SEO strategies. It seems logical that your statuses (let's assume those are statuses about your property listings that you want to sell reaching to potential customers on Facebook) that are shared on Facebook and have a greater number of emotional reactions - likes, shares and comments - will be positioned higher on the top of Facebook Search Results.

Facebook is B2C

Facebook's search change being only about 2 weeks old hasn't given us ample amount of time to figure out how can Realtors benefit from the new change. But the potential is huge. Facebook is a Business to Consumers platform. It's a social media based on B2C, which matches really well with the Real Estate business. Both are mainly aimed at the end consumer. For now, each of us need to figure out how we can integrate Facebook in our Social Media strategies because more than 1 billion people use Facebook daily and imagine how many times they use the search function on Facebook.


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One way to expand your presence around the Facebook SEO algorithm is to post more in groups, join groups, build a following from groups, people like you, engage with you, and you will see more of the same/similar feeds in your feed of the people you engage with. Also, look to touch or tag at least 25 posts in a day. Imagine how many people would engage back in one week (175) or in a month (750) or in a year (10,000+). You get the point, but build new friends from joining groups and meet people one on one within the groups based on your interests and engage, engage, engage. - Liz

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