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Does Your Office Have a Protected Marketing Neighborhood for Agents?

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Protected Neighborhoods for Realtors

I can't even imagine the office rule of having protected marketing areas for real estate agents.

I would have to walk out with all my stuff the moment it were implemented. I was talking with an agent over lunch a while back and he was telling me that at his office neighborhoods are "protected." In other words no two agents from his office could market to the same neighborhood.


Have you ever witnessed anything so incredibly stupid in your career? Sounds like laziness at its finest. The death of every man for himself.

I would never agree to "not market" a subdivision because another agent in my office "claimed it."

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Submitted by liz bobeck (not verified) on
LOL! I'd leave the agency that is trying to implement this rule and go work for another agency, then go back and work the same markets that are excluded. Probably a lot of business there if only 1 agent allowed per agency.

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