The Gift Google Gave to Hotel Industry Would Be Great for Real Estate Too

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Google Knowledge Graph for Charlotte

Have you noticed when you Google for a city name on the right side bar it shows a knowledge graph for that city? Wouldn't it be great if it also showed a little link leading to Homes For Sales in that particular city?

I learned about this from Barry Schwartz, but it was originally spotted by Brad Brewer that now when you do a city search on Google, you will see a hotel booking link in the knowledge graph box. Bing and Yahoo don't have it, but Bing has a knowledge graph.

Google's new addition allows you compare the average hotel prices in cities by simply searching the name of any city. To some degree this can be of benefit for real estate agents and brokers too as they can compare the average hotel rates in their cities with other nearby cities.

For example, According to Google:

  • NYC: 3-star averaging $140, 5-star averaging $690.
  • Charlotte, NC: 3-star averaging $170, 5-star averaging $440.
  • Boston: 3-star averaging $240, 5-star averaging $540.
  • Miami: 3-star averaging $210, 5-star averaging $560.
  • Los Angeles: 3-star averaging $170, 5-star averaging $550.

Now, wouldn't it be great if Google also included the average cost of living or median home prices in cities? And then it could have a link there like "View Homes for Sale," which could lead to a listing of homes for sale in that city. I think this could be an interesting addition.

Your opinion and comments are most welcome.

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