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Google Makes it Easy to Report Changes to Your Real Estate Business

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Editing your real estate business in Google

Google has updated the way you can report changes to businesses within Google Maps.

This is really neat, because it makes it now easier to report changes related to your real estate, mortgage or inspection business to Google. This, therefore, makes it faster to update the search engine results when it comes to your business and services you provide.

This, of course, is done through Google Maps. Looks like now there are additional options when reporting a business in Google Maps.

"Now when you click on a business within Google Maps there is a toggle at the top right to send in modifications to communicate if the place was closed or does not exist. The reasons they offer include permanently closed, doesn't exist, spam, private, moved elsewhere or duplicate. The moved elsewhere is an important option because it is and has been incredibly hard to communicate business relocations to Google," writes Barry Schwartz from SEO Roundtable.

Here is his screen shot.


Thx for the update. Hopefully, it will be easier to modify things. We moved 5 yrs ago, and there are still a couple of places that show us at our old location, even though I tried to change them all in 2010.

You are most welcome Debbie. Is your Real Estate blog mobile friendly? It's something that is really big now on Google and other search engines.

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