If Your Real Estate Blog Is Made by WIX Check What Google Says About The Drop

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WIX and Google Indexing Drop

Dear Realtors, check with your webamster and ask if your real estate website is made by WIX because currently many webmasters claim that those websites are dropping from Google. Google is aware of this and has spoken on the issue.

If you own or operate a real estate blog, a mortgage or a home improvement website, many of these websites may be built by WIX, a low cost web site builder tool. Now, WIX is having some problems with Google Indexing and Google is investigating the issue.

The way those websites are set up may give Google a difficulty to crawl them and in webmaster forums a number of webmasters have reported that their websites are dropping from Google Indexing. This means, if your real estate blog is made by WIX your site is not currently visible by Google, and people can't see your listings if they search for a house for sale in Google.

There are number of threads in the Google Webmaster Help forums talking about sites-made by WIX indexing issue. Some date back as far as two weeks ago. I don't know if any real estate agents have discussed this in Active Rain or other Real Estate forums.

Google's John Mueller gave a little update this morning on the subject. Shared few tips and basically said that Google is aware of this and the technisians are working on this.

"Cleaning up the rel=canonical situation sounds like a good idea, especially as we move towards using the rendered content more and more. Over time, as we've been able to improve the ability to process JavaScript, we've started rendering pages directly, and using that for indexing. We took an in-depth look at the setup on these sites, and we're working on resolving things here on our side in the meantime. Sorry for the hassles that this has caused in the meantime. One thing that you might notice is that we'll be recrawling these sites a bit faster to get the dropped pages back into the index a bit faster.

"I'll keep an eye on the sites that posted here, and work with the team to keep track of their dropped pages' reindexing. Let me know if you have any questions!"

Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Professionals who use WIX to power their websites or blogs basically don't need to do anything, but wait until Google fixes the issue and recrawls your pages. If your home listings have dropped from Google results, they will regain their positions after Google's accelerated crawling.

If this information sounds too technical for you, please share it with your webmasters and ask them if your blog is built by using WIX.

In the meantime you can improve your listings' Google ranking by making this simple improvement in your listings description and read what Google Wants you to do to improve your real estate blog.

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