If Your Real Estate Website Has Good Traffic Use Adsense To Supplement Income

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Adsense can be used by real estate blogs

Some real estate, mortgage and home improvement websites and blogs have decent amount of daily readers, but they are not monetizing with Advertising. Did you know how easy it is to do with Google Adsense?

If you are a real estate related professional and your website or blog has a decent amount of daily readers you can monetize your traffic by using Google Adsense. The CPM (the amount of money your website can earn per 1000 ad impressions) in real estate, mortgage and housing industries is very high. This is why it may help to supplement your daily income by using ads on your website

Adsense yesterday made a change making it much easier to sign up.

Before when you signed up you would wait about 48 hours or so until you would learn if your website is approved. Now, you can have access to the ad creating code immediately so you can be ready when your application is approved.

Here is the new signup screen from Adsense.

Here is what Google said in an announced yesterday.

"Starting today, you’ll have immediate access to your AdSense account once you sign up. Previously, when you applied for AdSense, you’d need to wait for your account information to be approved before you could access your account and place ad units on your site. Now you can create ad units and place them on your site right after signing up for AdSense."

Do you use Adsense next to your home listings or blog?

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