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Lots of Ways For Realtors To Gain New Business When Relocating To A New City

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Real Estate Agents in New City

What are some suggestions for real estate agents for gaining new business when you have relocated to a new city and have very few contacts?

This was the question asked by Debi McKamie of Waco, TX on Active Rain forum, resulting many useful comments from other Realtors who generously shared from their experiences giving practical tips for those who relocate to a new city and want to continue their real estate brokerage business in a new city with few contacts.

Annette Lawrence , Palm Harbor, FL says what works depends on 3 factors.

  1. Are you working with money?
  2. Are you working with time?
  3. What are you willing to do?

In essence if you have money to work with you turn towards marketing.

If all you have to work with is time, then those things FREE will be overwhelmingly important.

Many agents are fatally afflicted with the IDWDT syndrome making any valid suggest they receive irrelevant. What activity would make you respond "I Don't Wanna Do That?" Right here on Active Rain you can easily spot the IDWDT effected folks.

Based on your business plan, datamine your MLS data to identify the communities near you that will match your preferred client profile, creates the proper level of income per transaction and has sufficient market activity.

Know the data regarding these communities like the back of your hand. Deliver to the homes in these communities a Market report like those in my AR blog, with a CIS Score offer. Then answer your phone and call those who raised their hand.

Then of course, beg, borrow or steal open house opportunities for the 'get more listings' purpose, exhibiting the same market report data and offer.

A really new idea is offering a renovation estimate through Joist. Cost is time spent at Lowe's and the Depot to create your localized renovation costs. The estimate motivates the owner and empowers the buyer.

Inna Ivchenko of Calabasas, CA
Join few local communities. It can be your kids school, your church, your local charity group, a gym, a dog club, etc. etc. If your office big, ask for open houses opportunities. attend broker open houses~ there are so many ideas if you are a people person. Otherwise, focus on your online presence in that community.

Kathleen Luiten of Princeville, HI
Get involved in some community groups that appeal to your niche or neighborhood.

Pamela Seley of Temecula, CA
I see you are a RealtorĀ® so I would participate in your local board meetings, caravans, training sessions so you can get to know other agents and the area. Preview all the homes you can, and let people know you are a real estate agent.

Sam Shueh of Cupertino, CA
Join clubs, getting involved with parents. You want to be with home buying age adults.

Susan Emo of Kingston, ON
You gain new business the same as you gain new friendships and build your life in your new community. Get out and get involved. Business will naturally follow.

Greg Riley of Rio Rancho NM
Buy Zillow leads for a Zip Code in your city & Invire a Lender to share in the cost & the lead!

Don Davies of Asheville, NC
Something old might just be something new. Imagine the look on someones face when a live person actually shows up at their door rather than their screen and asks them to consider keeping them in mind if they or any of their friends decide to sell or buy.

Nancy Robinson of Royal Oak, MI
Ask your relocation company for leads. Its a good way to build business fast.

Mark Don McInnes of Sandpoint, North Idaho
Lead generation. Picking up the phone and getting out in person. The old fashion way has always proved itself successful.

BethAnn Long of Spokane, WA
Make genuine connections. Wear your name tag, volunteer, serve. Go door to door with your cards. Maybe a flyer. Get involved in community, church, schools, etc... Call expired listings, FSBO's, etc.. Offer to assist top agents, open houses. Partner with a lender.

Debbie Reynolds of Clarksville, TN
This is all good advice. It means you have to get involved in the community and let people know you are in the business. Be visible and ask for business everywhere you go.

Paul McFadden of Seattle, WA
Network, network, network. Be visible, get involved and start psoing online about your area of expertise. It will take some time to break in but once you do you'll be the resident expert!

Gail Gladston of Huntington, NY
Get involved in your community as soon as possible. Be a joiner. Get active on your board. Wear your lapel pin ALWAYS. I have my signage on the door of my car.

Scott Thompson, Kansas City, MO
Maybe touch base with the chamber of commerce. Every now and again they know a firm/group moving to your area.

Bryan Spann of Houston, TX

  1. Face to face with business cards
  2. Social Media

Patricia Kennedy of Washington DC
The obvious choices are Open Houses, expired listing and FSBOs. Although I must say that exprireds and FSBOs have never appealed to me.

Praful Thakkar of Andover, MA
I am sure you know at least few people where you have moved. Find out common threads to connect with people - like Church, Schools for the children, neighbors. Share with them how you can help them. Working by referral always have best returns - so provide value and earn their business. Of course, you may spend little money to promote your services on Facebook.

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