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Orlando Experienced Realtor Shares Her Best Advice for Real Estate Newbies

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Real Estate Advice

A fellow Realtor Patricia Kennedy is hosting a contest for October 2015 that challenges us to think back when we were new in real estate and based on we now today, what would be our best advice for newbies.

I had to think why I decided to get my real estate license and leave a job that I absolutely LOVED, great company, awesome pay, travel around the world and the answer is I wanted to be different and help people have a great experience when they decide to buy and/or sell a home.

I had been in sales for over 15 years prior to becoming a Realtor® and had great training from Walt Disney World on customer service.

Real estate is a people business and people buy on emotion. Nobody likes to be sold. Imagine walking into a department store and followed by a salesperson who clearly has to make his/her quota or sales goal for the month and you are just another piece of meat they could chew on.

What I heard from my very first Broker was to keep on them until they tell you to stop. Ask everyone you meet if they know anyone who is looking to buy or sell, have car magnets so people know a Realtor® is driving around, wear your name tag so people can approach you, give out your business card to everyone you meet. He couldn’t stress enough how important it was for me to come in the office every single day and do what, still don’t know.

When I heard all of this “stuff”, I knew for sure I had to come up with my own plan to succeed as giving up was not an option.

I attended as many free and paid real estate conferences I could, read books, talked to seasoned agents, held open houses for them until I had a plan.

So, after being in the profession for thirteen years, here’s what I would tell a Real Estate Newbie.

  • Have a plan and work your plan
  • Identify which area you will be working in, if you try to do it all, you will most likely fail in all and be out of business
  • Be prepared to spend money. Yes, you read that correctly, you have to spend money to make money and be consistent
  • Learn to list homes to last in this business and know where your next piece of business is coming from
  • Don’t be a secret agent, let your SOI, friends and family know what you do!

There is just so much I could talk about but what worked for me then and still works today is to treat everyone with respect whether they are agents or clients. Learn to love what you do, people you work with, those you come in contact with. Be truly in love with being a Realtor. Those who are in love will do anything and everything for the one they are in love with even if it’s not comfortable. Treat your job as if it was your one true love! If you are not already, becoming an ActiveRain member will definitely make a tremendous difference in your business as well as on a personal level.

Beth Atalay, Broker/Owner
Cam Realty and Property Management

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