Real Estate SEO for 2015: How Boring Titles Kill the Clicks

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Real Estate Blog Titles

One of the reasons the public is not reading real estate and mortgage related stories is because your titles are very boring. What can you do to make your real estate blog titles more compelling?

Many times we see a carefully and well written a blog post about real estate, moving to a certain community or mortgages, but with a very boring title. Why is this? Because we don't think the way the potential read thinks. Real estate bloggers spend an hour or so and write a good blog post and then spend may be five seconds for a title.

Yet, a boring title can kill your story, your visibility and your effort you put in your blog.

Your Titles in Search Engine Results
Consider the following. This is what's happening in the Search. Someone is searching for a relevant information related to a market in which your real estate business operates. Google, Bing or Yahoo show 10-15 results on that page. That person will glance over several titles and he or she will click on the title that is more interesting and compelling than the competitor titles.

Remember, people don't always click on the top result in search engine rankings, but on the most interesting title on that search. They do little scrolling and click on the title and description, which is the most interesting, which truly attracts their attention is more compelling a title then the competitors.

Good blog titles are rare. Avoid making a desperate bid for SEO optimization. Instead, include a relevant keyphrase and make it compelling, thought provoking, applicable. Let the visitor, who sees your title in search engine results or in Facebook, Twitter know that by clicking on the story he or she will gain more knowledge.

I read something today that I can't say that I fully agree, but will share with you. Outbrain did a study saying 16-18 word headlines perform better than headlines of any other length. Frankly, I am not sure about this and would love to hear from you if you have any comments regarding this point. 16-18 words are very long for titles. I mean 8-12 word headlines are good and interesting, but 16-18? On the other hand, when you go to see how long are the successful titles that get the most shares. But again, Google will truncate the title results after 160 characters. So if you can include long and compelling titles in 160 character, I think that should be good and interesting.

I don't want to make this story about titles any longer, this is why I am not going to provide specific examples of Good vs Boring blog titles. Soon I will do another story discussing exactly that and providing answer. However, I will mention that I particularly like the titles in,, You can go to these websites and scroll down by just glancing the titles. See how compelling they are.


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