Real Estate SEO for 2015: Focus on Keyword Variety

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Real Estate and Google Search

This is my second story discussing SEO strategies for your real estate or mortgage website that I think will be very important for 2015.

Yesterday in this place I talked about the importance of having a good responsive mobile real estate site for Mobile Visitors. Today I will be discussing the importance of focusing on variety of keyphrases and keywords potential home buyers or sellers in your local market may be searching to find you.

Many times bloggers focus only on one or few keywords. And guess what, these keywords are very competitive. Instead, focus on wide variety of keyphrases related to your niche markets. Don't even focus on keywords, but rather think keyphrases because most people search phrases not words. I don't remember the last time I searched a single word.

Certain keyphrases are very targeted, no question about this. For Example: Real Estate, or Mortgage Rates. But who goes online and searches Real Estate? People Search Real Estate in... Or houses for sale in... They search mortgage rates in their city or state, not in general.

Yet, there are also powerful keyword phrases that are not competitive and closely relate to your market in which you do business. You should identify them and use them in your stories. Just ask yourself this: How are my potential clients and customers likely to search in Google and Bing if they are looking for me. What keyphrases are they likely to use when searching for the services my business provides. Only then you will come up with number of phrases that your potential clients and customers are likely to search.

This is an important part of your overall strategy. Google has even created a special KeyWord Planner tool to help advertisers and marketers. You can certainly use it. Another good resource is Google Trends, which can benefit you by showing what's happening in your local market when it comes to Google search.

Having said this, I would like to say something here to contradict what I wrote above to help us to keep the right perspective in focus. Your stories should never focus on key-phrases only, but primarily on the end user, on your reader. They have to be interesting, compelling and thought provoking. Just ask and address the right questions, using the right key-phrases. Remember, you are not writing for Google Search, but for human readers.

See my previous story about 6 questions you should ask when planning your mobile website for real estate.


This is very valuable information. We do need to remember who our true target audience is and stay focused. Thanks for these wonderful tips. I will be drilling down on the links you have provided for additional information.

These are great tips. I think you are right that we should think in phrases, not keywords. People are searching longer phrases more often. The last time I checked, the largest portion of traffic to my website was going to my neighborhood pages, e.g. "homes for sale in X Neighborhood", not city or town or zip code, which are really too hard to rank for. about 20% of my traffic goes to these pages all totaled. Incidentally, the third most visited page on my entire site is a page for a retirement neighborhood. I think I am probably the only one in my city targeting that page, probably because people assume the older folks aren't online...but I disagree! And, I think their kids (who are online) are searching for them. niche is the key!

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