Are You Asking These Questions When Optimising a Real Estate Site for Mobile?

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Real Estate Mobile Website

How is your real estate or mortgage website doing on smartphones? Here are several questions you need to ask yourself when planning to attract more clients or customers who use search engines primarily from their smartphones.

About a decade ago when it came to web publishing the word on the street was "Content is the King," but now it is "Mobile is the King." These days some websites and blogs receive more traffic from mobile smartphones phones than from desktops and tablets.

This story doesn't mean to address strategies and solutions how what to do to attract more visitors to your real estate or mortgage website from smart phones. But instead, if you do want to get more mobile traffic, you need to ask yourself questions related to these topics.

· Adaptive and responsive design pitfalls
· Avoiding broken site display
· Load time landmines
· Data wise design
· Thinking taps, not clicks
· Relevant mobile messaging

Friends, this is very important in 2015 as the web browsing - and slowly also the commerce - is shifting toward the mobile usage. True, people are not using their mobile phones to buy big ticket items yet, but 7 years ago were were not using our computers to shop at Amazon. Now, we buy not only plain tickets, but also cars online. Who knows where the mobile eCommerce will be in 5 years. Will you be ready?

Having said this, I want to leave you with at least one tip. It seems that one of the best and most affordable ways to prepare your real estate site for the mobile users it to change your design to make it what is called "Responsive Design." There are number of Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla ready to go themes that you can either get free or buy for 45-100 dollars (depending what you want and the price may go up if you want more customization for your local market needs) and relatively easily replace your current design.


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