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Realtor Details How Craigslist Property Scam Works

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Craigslist Property Scam

Realtor says beware of Craigslist property scams and share his experience of what happened when his Real Estate Office received a phone call saying the caller saw their listing in Craigslist.

Today, after hearing so much about Craigslist property scams, I asked a fellow realtor Buzz Mackintosh from Mackintosh Realtors if his agency had any experiences with Craigslist property scams. Here is what Buzz wrote to

Actually we had a call from someone last week who said he had inquired on one of our listings posted on Craigslist, This house is vacant and for sale, he said it was offered for rent on Craigslist, but the lady he spoke with had a Texas area code and this property is located in Maryland.

The person inquiring drove by and saw the for sale sign and decided to make the call to our office. He said the lady wanted him to wire her a deposit to hold the property for him. I told him the house was only for sale and the lady had put up a scam post on Craigslist.

He provided me the phone number and I told him to call the police to report the incident. Quite a few scammers post on this site and I told him he was smart to verify the listing before sending any money.

After searching Craigslist I was unable to find the post he was talking about.

Over the years I have posted a few real estate classifieds on Craigslist, but can honestly say nothing worthwhile has come from this site. My advise to real estate professionals and consumers is to surf cautiously on Craigslist.


Submitted by Marina Shlomov (not verified) on
We had that happen to us several times. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done, however, we have stopped advertising on Craigslist. Too many scams and the prospects coming from Craiglist are usually not as good as the ones coming from more legitimate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads just to name a few.

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