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Realtors Do You Leave Your Calling Card?

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Buyer Agent Leavs Card

Property buyer's agents in the Atlanta market seldom leave behind a business card in the listings that they show.

If they do, it's usually a fairly innocuous business card thrown haphazardly on the kitchen counter. I check on all of my listings every week and if there happens to be a card left behind I usually pick it up and stick it in my pocket.

I don't really know what happens to them after that. I certainly don't have a stack of collected business cards anywhere.

Yesterday, I did a quick check on one of my listings and this is what I found as a "calling card." It's a full size postcard. I am sure on some real estate guru's webinar or monthly coaching teleconference this sort of "marketing" is encouraged.

However, behind my sign, inside my listing, I found it to be more than a bit obnoxious.

Am I being overly sensitive? Is this type of material normal? What is "normal" in your market?

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