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Realtors, What Do You Do Once Visitors Land On Your Website?

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The below article is my actual email follow-up to a survey response I received to the question "What is Your #1 marketing challenge."

Real Estate Agents' second marketing challenge after bringing traffic to their websites is this: "Once visitors are on my site, getting more of them to provide me with their contact information. I have a lead capture system, but am not receiving as many leads per click."

This was actually closely related to yesterdays webinar topic about building trust first, then asking for contact information. I have a rough draft of a blog post you can read that recaps some of what I spoke of on the webinar yesterday about building trust. Keep in mind this may change a bit as I edit it, but here you go: "3 Critical Website Pages for Gaining More Seller Leads"

People are bombarded by ads and opportunities to become leads. If you make the lead capture the focus of your lead gen efforts you will fail. Instead focus on building a relationship first...with all aspects of your marketing.

Focus on becoming a valuable resource produce advice, tips, news, etc people to keep people paying attention. Then when they are ready for your services you will be there with the tools in place to capture them.

This is a little counter-intuitive, but when it comes to lead generation (that isn't driven by paid marketing campaigns) no matter how many cool tools and pop-ups you have, if you haven't at least tried to build a relationship and showcase your value before you ask for their contact info you will struggle to generate leads.

It's hard to diagnose your conversion optimization without seeing your site. What is your website URL? I want to take a quick peak.

All of these points can help you build relationships and trust with cold traffic to your site.

I know none of this is very specific information, but the axioms and general best practices are all there. I'm also sure all this warrants quite a few questions from you so don't hesitate to ask.

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