Relocating After 65 - What's the Best Place to Settle?

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Packing and Relocating

Many retirees often find solace in relocating to a new home, country or city after retirement. It is often for many reasons than one. Mostly, to settle somewhere where they can enjoy the comforts of life, be close to nature, their loved ones, and relax for the rest of their lives after years of hard work.

Is Relocating the Best Option?

Each year, a large number of Americans want to move to cheaper and more affordable neighborhoods after they choose to retire. Mostly to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life without having to spending a fortune. Remote areas, villages and areas away far off from the central city are often affordable. The cost of living is low, and thus allows people to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle.

Depending on the country, area or vicinity, relocating may or may not be the best option. Ideally, relocating is a good idea when you can move to a country with a warm climate that is good for ageing bones. Areas that rarely see any snow, or no snow at all, have a tropical climate that offer unpolluted atmosphere and breathtaking scenic views are ideally the best place to find a home. Relocating to such a place does not only ease your financial burden, but also increases life expectancy.

A Vacation Destination

An option is to move to destination that has been a favorite on your vacation list. While a short trip for a couple of weeks can be fun, an extended vacation will bring the downsides of moving to this place gradually to the surface. What is the average living expense? Do you get healthcare benefits? Can you afford to buy a home that is central to hospitals, malls, etc.? Are you okay with having your area bursting with tourists in peak vacation time? It is best to give yourself time, at least six months, before you decide to move to this place.

Moving to a Smaller Home
Some retirees may want to move to a smaller home or apartment, which is more easy and economical to manage. However, it is best to buy a place that has extra rooms, to have space for house guests such as your children or grandchildren. You may as well consider having an extra room for a small workstation just in case you plan to start some home-based business for some extra income.

Living Close to Family and Friends

Many people spend their entire life earning a living, and when it’s time to settle down after let's say retiring in Belize, they choose to live close to their loved ones. This is a great option, especially if all your loved ones are in close proximity to each other. Living in a far off place can be dull, boring and depressing too. Having a home near your loved ones can be a great way to spend quality time with them and make every day of your golden period worthwhile. While you may move close to your loved ones, make sure not to ignore other factors such as costs, living expenses, taxes, healthcare, and other conveniences, etc.

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