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When Home Seller Misreads The Intensity of Realtor's Contact

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realtor and home seller communication

What should be the level of contact between the real estate agent and the home seller and how it can be easily misread based on perceptions.

Most clients complain that the average real estate agent sticks a sign in their yard when selling and is never heard from again. We have all heard that story before, so I have made it a practice to keep in contact with my sellers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Imagine my surprise this week when I actually had a client complain that I kept in too good of contact with him.

So things had gotten tense between the seller and I. I only received one word responses to texts, no response to email , and I thought it had seemed strange, but didn't want to read too much into it. The seller's home had not been showing well, and when I tried to rectify things that could be fixed from the reviews, I was ignored. Did they want to sell there home? I put on my big girl pants and made the dreaded phone call to see just what was going on.

My seller opened my eyes to how he was feeling. He felt the automatic reviews he signed up for after each showing were too harsh, followed by my emails letting him know weekly what homes went under contract in his neighborhood, coupled with the pricing/listings email I sent him weekly all said one thing. Lower your price. Funny thing is, I had never actually said those words. I had said things about needing to be competitive in the market, and comparing apples to apples, but never did I actually say he needed to lower his price. I didn't have to. The discussion with this seller was clear from day one. He would set the price and it was my job to sell it. I was honest about where I felt things should be, but ultimately he had made all the decisions. And now, every email he received was a cruel reality that maybe he was a little out of touch.

It felt good to talk about his feelings. To see where we could come together to get a more positive review about the home. We talked about communication style and preferences, and how we will talk to each other in the future. I have learned from this experience that perception is everything, and even if you think you are doing a great job keeping in touch, how you do that may be misread.

Melissa Zimmerman
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