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Which is better, to insult or to be insulted?

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Insulting vs being insulted

We don't like to be insulted, but insulting others is not a good thing either. Which of these is better? Here is what Christianity has to say about this.

Original Source: Which is better, to verbally insult or to be insulted?

In reality none of these are good. No one should be insulted, nor should we insult anyone. However, we also know that insulting someone or being insulted are unfortunately common occurrences throughout our life.

When it comes down to this, it appears that being insulted is better than to insult.

Yes, you heard it right. Here is how Father Thaddeus of Vitovnica explains this in his book "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives." On page 176 he writes the following.

"It is better to be insulted than to insult. For if we bear an insult, we can still keep our peace; but if we insult someone, then our conscience will not give us peace."

This is, of course, if attaining and keeping the peace of Christ and living in the joy of the Holy Spirit are the highest goals for your life and that you are not going to let anything, any insult or hurt stand on your way to attain these gifts.

If someone insults you, simply forgive him or her. That's the discipline. As you remember, the deal is "and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. (Matt. 6:12) An ability to forgive is higher than justice. When someone insults us we want justice because we think it's fair. But what if justice is served to us for our misdeeds and wrong-doings?

This is why foreignness is a higher category than justice. This is how God acts.

Yet, it's better never to insult one another and instead see in each person the image and likeness of God. Let's live this life respecting one another, live with love, in peace and without hurting each other.

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