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The post should probably be called, "How I found my agent," but it is all the same. This is a lesson in why it pays to be everywhere online, when your potential clients Google for a real estate agent to hire.

One day, in April, I saw an ad online for Quicken Loans. I had thought about buying a home before, but didn't think I would qualify for a mortgage, and no one in my family owns a home so it just was not something I was planning to actually act on. Anyway, I saw the ad, felt compelled, applied for a mortgage loan. Within a day or two I was approved and pre-qual'd. Had my letter in hand.

I didn't really have to think about how to find an agent. In fact, Quicken Loans tried to connect me with their "preferred" agents. Didn't really work. I already knew who I wanted to work with. I didn't know them, but I knew of them, and that was all that mattered.

Here's why. For however many years I've been in Tucson, I'd seen these agents' (a couple) name every single time I searched for condos. Every time. They owned a website with that in the title, and I had signed up for their free service to get information on condos for sale or rent in the area. I had it in my head that I was going to buy a condo. Theirs was the name I associated with condos in my area. I even have friends who are agents, but forgot that they were agents until after I was already under contract.

When I mentioned during our first meeting how I came to find him, my agent confessed that he and his wife had spent a lot of time in online marketing. It paid off. I didn't even buy a condo; I bought a town home instead. From the condo guy.

Here's the moral of the story. I have an incredibly wide network of friends and associates. I knew agents, personally, and yet when it was time to buy a house, none of that mattered. The associations my brain had made, and solidified, led me to the agent I ultimately hired. He got the business, and continues to get the business, because he's invested the time and energy into owning a marketing channel in his area.

Online marketing doesn't work for all buyers. But it works for many buyers. So keep up the good work, even if it seems like nothing's happening yet. It takes time, but in the end, if you can own this channel in your neck of the woods, you will indeed reap the benefits.

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