Funny video mocks motion control gaming

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A new YouTube video provides an amusing look at the trend in motion control gaming, taken to the extreme.

Behold the future of gaming: uMove!

There is not much to say aside from watching the video, but it's worth a laugh for people not quite sure what to make of the whole motion control movement - especially Kinect's "you are the controller" ad campaign.

The video is the product of independent filmmaker Julian Smith and was published through his official YouTube channel.

Motion control gaming was first popularized, as most know by now, by Nintendo's Wii console platform. That said, in many respects motion gaming remains in its infancy with many developers still unsure how to fully integrate it into gameplay. That said, news surrounding upcoming releases like Killzone 3 and current titles like Dance Central for Kinect show what developers can do with thoughtful implementation on their respective platforms.

Even Playstation Move, arguably the weakest of the three platforms, is not something Sony will give up on lightly - as the development resources put into Killzone 3 can attest. That said, something as absurd as 'uMove' is really just that: absurd entertainment.

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