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Deus Ex Human Revolution gets a release date

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Update: Square Enix and Eidos Montreal just gave the long-awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution a release date of August 23rd in the U.S.

The previous release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution had been today, which would have presented at least a few gamers with a quandary: play Dragon Age 2 or see if someone can finally live up to the legacy of an iconic PC classic? News out of preview events for Human Revolution have been positive, showing impressive graphics but - most importantly - the highly flexible gameplay that made the first game such a classic more than 10 years ago. Missions offer up numerous avenues to completion, enemies are few but very intelligent, and stealth is not forced strictly by level design - in other words, the antithesis of most modern action games.

It remains to be seen whether the game can live up to its heady promise, but I'm definitely excited. The art style is one of the most evocative visions of the future I can recall in a video game, and I'm much more interested in exploring Eidos Montreal's vision of the near future on Earth than helping Shepard save the galaxy (again) in Mass Effect 3.

According to the PC gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun the Australian division of EB Games has let it slip that the game is coming there on August 25th and in the U.K. on the 26th. International releases are frequently staggered these days. An official release date for the U.S. is not available as of this writing, but it would likely be August 23rd if it falls on the typical Tuesday schedule.

This tweet from the game's design director Jean-Francois Dugas indicates that the official release date announcement is coming later this week.

Update: a later Tweet by Eidos confirmed a U.S. release date of August 23rd.

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