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Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 story will be about Ghost, will suck

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A new website has gone up, suggesting that Modern Warfare 3 will be revealed at GDC, and rumors about the game's story don't sound promising.

Eurogamer is reporting about a new countdown site that is clearly indicative of a reveal announcement for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The game has long been rumored as in development and it appears the public will get their first glimpse (usually a decidedly unhelpful teaser trailer) for the game right in the middle of this years Game Developer's Conference.

According to Eurogamer's report, the game will apparently go deeper into the backstory of the 'Ghost' character and how he was recruited into Task Force 141. My reaction? Yawn.

While I (of course) can't speak for the opinions and preferences of other gamers, I have developed zero connection with this character (unlike the memorable Captain Price) and would thus have zero interest in a single-player campaign written around him. Lending some credence to the rumor is that attempts at Modern Warfare graphic novels have centered around Ghost - implying that the product planners at Activision think the character has interest for gamers.

If this ends up (even partly) true, it probably kills any hope for a better single-player story along the lines of Call of Duty 4. We all know the franchise is all about the multi-player, but those of us who enjoy single-player games may not have much to get out of this title.

Update: as is nearly always the case, Activision is going out of its way to deny the validity of the countdown site. Speaking to VG247 the company says the site is nothing more than an elaborate hoax. It's typical for publishers to issue these sorts of denials, however, so we'll just have to wait until the clock expires and see what (if anything) happens. After all, remember how many times (often quite vehemently) Sony denied the PSP2 and the Playstation Phone?

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