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5 ways you can stand up for your kids and real food (movie trailer)

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Did you know your children will watch 5,000 commercials about food in the next year?

Food companies advertise and market their products to children with the intention of getting kids hooked on foods. Most of these foods are filled with fructose, salts and saturated fats.

Big food companies spend nearly $2 billion per year on advertising campaigns.

PopTarts for example, from the Kellogg company, developed a Peanut Butter flavored PopTart. They announced the new fructose filled pastry back in May and said they're giving teens what they want.

Food MythBusters, "a project that seeks to "spread the real story of our food, debunk persistent myths about sustainable food and farming, through compelling media, a new online information center, and grassroots events" launches a movie about corporate marketing, food and our kids September 25th.

The movie trailer is below and you can sign up online (email) to get the movie when it releases.

The movie is Food MythBusters' second video/movie. The first film examined the myth that only industrial agriculturea can feed the world. The project spurred a quarter of a million people into action.

There are ways to help Food MythBusters in the campaign against corporate advertising geared to hook the nation's kids on fast, processed and unhealthy foods.

1. Hold a screening of the Food Myth Busters movie at your next party or event.

2. Download Food MythBusters companion reading guide and print out infographics;

3. Host an event or bring Real Food Media Project Director Anna Lappé to your community;

4. Get moved by Food MythBusters' food heroes and share your own;

5. Join Food MythBusters' us in our latest action; Donate to our efforts. - See more at: