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American Idol of March 3rd goes without surprises

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There were no real surprises on "American Idol" last night. Not even Steven Tyler's hot pink girly blouse.

"American Idol" contestant Robbie Rosen was eliminated during open voting. His family and friends did not like it. They booed America.

Rosen got a second chance to sing for the judges. But his stunning and perfect Elton John track left Randy suggesting eleventh grader Rosen continue in singing and songwriting.

The judges did bring in jazz singer whose name means exotic flower, Naima Adedapo. They also added rhythm and blues female performer Ashton Jones and ready for the industry right now, pop performer Stefano Langone to the top ten lineup.

While the judges feel Jones is the next Diana Ross, America did not vote Jones into the top ten. But thanks to the judges Ashton, Stefano, and Naima go forward.
They are all very brave people for agreeing to go through it again.

James Durbin is a heavy metal rocker contestant. He battles Asperger's Syndrome and has told the press that symptoms of his Tourette's Syndrome disappear when he's singing. James' genre is heavy metal and his last piece of work, Judas Priest track, had 700 people rocking and JLO pumping her arms in the air.

Durbin is electric. Insane. But he's in it with Jacob Lusk.

Lusk sings gospel and R&B. His voice and stage presence recall the late Luther Vandross. Lusk's early performance of "God Bless the Child" left a number of other Idol contestants behind. Lusk's voice and his performances leave Steve Tyler and JLO in tears.

Lusk is wholly inspiring, but he's countered by Casey Abrams, an instrumentalist, vocalist, and lumberjack with an innocent bad boy rugged look and performance that JLO called "sexy."

Abrams was bullseye Tuesday. He sported a long red and neatly unshaven beard. He irreverently donned a slacks and a jacket and pelted out "I Put a Spell On You." A winning and symbolic performance for Abrams because judges have already noted his look and style adds a new dimension to the industry.

There is an undeniable country act on the "American Idol" ticket this year. Scott Mcreery, a teenager with a deep voice and an affectionately smirk-like grin. Mcreery is a confident singer and his work screams "You know you love country music."

The drama is similar for the "American Idol" women. Thia Megia is 15-years-old. She sang Irene Cara's "Out Here On My Own" mostly a capella and then advanced to the top ten on her own.

Megia's humility is countered by Karen Rodriguez who represented the Latino American community in full force Wednesday night.

But Megia and Rodriguez are countered by two strong acts. The fun and flirty Lauren Alaina and drop dead gorgeous Pia Toscano. Lauren Alaina can switch it from pop to rock to country and enjoys performing. Pia Toscana sings well and looks beautiful when she's singing. She's also been an "American Idol" contestant before and at this stage of the game, Toscano is a savvy "American Idol" professional whose experience shows on stage.

The experience and appeal of these three may put Ashton and Naima in a tough spot. Naima, shaken from the elimination was called to sing for a second shot. She made it through her Donny Hathaway song, and sobbed heartbroken tears as she pelted out her final note.

Ashton's confidence was neither shaken, nor stirred as she successfully belted out the theme song from the Broadway hit Dreamgirls with distinctive R&B flair. The judges sat cold and stony through her performance and did not give her strong compliments in the end. Randy noted he still loved Ashton's attitude and Ashton will be back with twelve others next week.

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