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Angry House Dems accuse GOP of "unwritten rules violations"

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Are House Democrats whining when they complain about the GOP for not sending Democrats memos to participate in special and important meetings? Or are Dems right to expect that the GOP update Dems about dates and times of key meetings throughout the next congressional term?

House GOP aides say that it is not a snub when they neglect to invite or inform Democrats of key meetings on Energy, Transportation and other policy issues.

But House Democratics say the tendency of the GOP not to invite or inform Democrats of key policy meetings and the GOP tendency to walk out on meetings, are diplomatic violations of Congress's unwritten rules.

The Republican House has shut out and ignored Democrats over the past two months according to a report today in . John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, whose sighs and eye rolls during President Obama's State of the Union address countered any hope for bipartisanship, is in the center of it all.

Boehner, sometime during his tearful election to the Speaker spot, said he'd work toward a bipartisan Congress.

Hasn't happened.

The story points to incident after incident of Republican failure to include Democrats. Although Robin Bravender and Darren Goode's articles points to serious slights on the part of Republicans, the story is titled "Communication Failure."

The article reports Democrat staffers' complaints of being "left out of the loop" on key activities and not being invited by GOP staffers to participate in hearings, even hearings on fiscal planning, that were aimed against their particular agencies.

According the story, the worst grievances of House Democrats in regards to the House GOP are coming from the Energy and Commerce sector. Of course this area is a strength in the Obama Administration which is making plans for nuclear energy to become a bigger part future and sustainable growth in the US..

The Natural Resources Committee, which is concerned with Land Management, also complains about the House GOP's treatment and slights of House Dems. The House Government and Oversight Reform Panel spoke to about complaints as well.

However, none of the GOP aides who spoke to relayed a sense of bitterness about the balance in Congress with a majority GOP House and a minority Senate. Nor did the interviewed GOP aides concede their inability to commune with House Democrat was deliberate guile.

One GOP aide, did note however, that when GOP were the minority in the House, the Dems just so happened to ignore the GOP.

As long as the GOP has intentions, deliberate or otherwise, to meet with Democrats after the fact or not meet with them at all, it is pretty clear that House Dem minority has to step up its game and stop dropping the ball in matters of information and access. Its not as if the GOP holds meetings with "GOP Only" signs on doors or over water fountains.

Otherwise, Dems will be thrown for a loop and kept out of the loop at every corner. The Dems will blow what minute chances they have of recovering the economy and creating jobs in green areas. Green energy, environmental technology are all areas that that the GOP have regarded half-heartedly since Vice President Al Gore began a sustainable energy initiative in the early 90s.

And as long as it is clear that President Obama is looking toward that same environmental technology future, it seems his House dems better get on board and take the matter seriously.

That means communicating and accessing information from their fellow House GOP members by any means necessary. .

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