Book Alitalia business class flights to Italy on discount through September

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Alitalia is selling business class seats for travelers to Italy departing several major U.S. cities this month.

From now, until Sep 30, Alitalia Airlines’ business flights from New York, Boston, and Miami are at reduced $2,000 round trip prices. The discounted fares are Thanksgiving holiday sales:

New York to Rome $2297+ .
New York to Milan $1990+.
New York to Florence $2049+.

Boston to Rome $2301+.
Boston to Naples $2063+.
Boston to Bari $2655+.

Miami to Rome $2517+.
Miami to Venice $2272+.

Altilia is a “struggling airline”. Recent reports say the airline “needs to raise more than €400m” to maintain operations. Alitalia has been bailed out the Italian government a number of times.

Dozens of airlines fly to Italy, but Alitalia, has maintain its Italian origins and ownership majority through the years with Italy's help. Other airlines outside of Alitalia that fly into Italy are United, American, Delta, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Iberia, US Airways, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Air Canada, Air Berlin. But there are dozens more international flights to Italy, and can be especially good for natives leaving the US and returning to Italy.

Other round flight offers available can be found here. The plane ticket prices are especially low, but most of the fights are departing NYC.

After reduced airfare tickets in business and passenger classes taken care of before September 30 deals expire, it’ out of the way, hotel stays with discount rates bolster quality time and the quantity of time travelers can spend abroad.

Budgettravel documented hotels in Rome priced under $80 per night. Check out hotels, 23 web pages of them, in Rome, Italy. Check out Budget Travel fares here.

Travel website Toursof also books Italy tours.

Tours of lso books Italy tours.

Tours are good, but check and be sure the tour is more than a bus ride through the city with no opportunity to visit museums and experience the country. sponsors ten day tours in Tuscany. You can check their programs on their Facebook page. Or visit the site here.

Expedia has hotel and air deals in starting at just over $1,000 per person.

Italy remains the travel destination of the world’s busiest and high powered people. Italian vacations are costly, but planning and searching can reduce airfare and hotel prices significantly.

\Rome tends to be a tourist destination of art, museums and anything associated with the Vatican.

Milan is shopping and fashion.

Venice is Romeo and Juliet, Othello and gondoliers.

Tuscany is where artists and writers retreat and regenerate in the mountains and hills.