JetBlue's $66 one way deals and Travel Zoo's $78 and up airfare deals

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Book round trip plane tickets today for $78 and up from Sep. 12 through November. Before purchase, compare ticket prices with JetBlue before tomorrow midnight when JetBlue's 48 hour sale on $66 plane tickets expires.

If there's an NFL Sunday game in another city, or if your ld (long distance) relationship needs attention, check out the cheapest plane ticket prices available this week.

Major airlines released new fare, low round trip sales this week in cities all over the country. Check TravelZoos top flight deals here.

San Diego - Las Vegas ... $78
Dallas - New Orleans ... $88
Denver - Dallas ... $108
Chicago - Myrtle Beach ... $108
Minneapolis - Denver ... $118
Baltimore - Fort Lauderdale ... $128
Philadelphia - Dallas ... $128
Chicago - Denver ... $138
New York City - Chicago ... $148
Dallas - San Diego ... $158
New York City - Austin ... $162
St. Louis - New York City ... $170
Denver - New York City ... $176
Philadelphia - Las Vegas ... $178
Austin - Los Angeles ... $192

The best fare prices often elude smaller cities and states, but search here for best round trip prices from Akron to White Plains.

Tickets must be booked by Sept 12 o take advantage of the low fares.

Right now the best deals are flights in and out of Dallas to select cities and tickest to and from Orlando, Florida are discounted well also.

For best airline deals, Southwest, American and Delta typically offer web specials. Hence ordering online can reduce ticket prices some $20+.

Major airlines are reporting gains last quarter as the fall season rolls in. Delta Airlines has recovered from bankruptcy filed eight years ago and begins its run on S&Ps 500 index of stocks after trading ends tomorrow evening.

JetBlue has a competing offer, with one way tickets starting out at $66. Airline discounts are popular this time of year, but few of the deals compete with the deals Southwest once offered during football season.

Southwest held $49 one way deals at one point. Travelers seeking serious travel and flight discounts should stay tuned to Southwest's updates, via email or social media, to catch the values as soon as they are announced.

To get the $66 JetBlue discount, $15 off, use promo code FLY15. The sale ends Sep 10, 2013. Note, fares start at $66 and are only good in select JetBlue travel destinations.

JetBlue gained attention two years ago in August when its stressed out air attendant, former employee, berated a passenger, cursed the cabin over the loudspeaker and then exited the plane through an the chute after grabbing a beer.

JetBlue isn't talking mergers or acquisitions and the airline is scheduled for WiFi flights in October.