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Charlie Sheen takes Winning on tour

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Charlie Sheen is selling tickets to his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option Tour."

Sheen has tour dates throughout April and the the first three days of May. So far, "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option Tour" has twenty venues in different cities so far. Detroit and Chicago are sold out. Ticket prices start at $69.50

Sheen does Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, two shows in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ontario, New Jersey, Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Vancouver and Seattle.

Many do not understand Sheen's personal and professional life over the past several weeks. Women writers have come out against Sheen for his history of violence and abuse against women. Last year, when charges were filed against him by his ex-wife Brooke, Hanes dropped Sheen from its advertising campaign.

But CBS held steady to its star and his salary was reportedly the largest for a television actor currently performing. Respected and seasoned actor Alec Baldwin told media that Sheen's lawsuit against CBS would amount to huge financial losses for Sheen.

Many say that Sheen's behavior raises suspicions of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, Sheen's removal from the "Two and A Half Men" comedy seems only to have ignited a passion in Sheen. His home videos are viral sensations. They include Sheen making a salad, but as the salad is prepared there is a still shot of a piece of meat used as an ashtray for a number of cigarette butts.

While Sheen's humor is odd and unsettling for some, the Sheen phenomena is pure comedy and delight for others who fantasize about taking up revenge against the the metaphorical machine. Sheen's rift with CBS and the writer, Chuck Lorre, have left many with the distinct impression that Sheen really does not like network television as much as he likes the money.

Sheen's career began in film in 1974. Sheen was born in 1965. His website advertises ticket buyers a chance to win as Sheen's personal guest in the Detroit show. The shows in Detroit and Chicago, Sheen said on his Twitter account, "sold out in minutes."

Sheen says he does not have a drug or alcohol problem. Unlike many celebrities accused of drug and alcohol addiction, Sheen himself has not been arrested with or for drugs. The woman who called police in a New York hotel after claiming Sheen trapped her in the bathroom has a drug arrest in her past. Sheen's arrests include domestic abuse and bizarre behavior.

No one has accused the actor of suffering a mid-life crisis. Sheen's latest twitpic features Sheen in a shirt flanked by his two "goddesses." Sheen's tee-shirt says " I am not bipolar" and in large letters "Winning."

After he was arrested for domestic abuse against his wife Brooke, Hanes, the Fruit of Loom brand, dropped Sheen from its advertisements. CBS did not drop Sheen after a series of continuous incidents until Sheen raged against the popular sitcom's head writer.

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