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Cheapair releases cheap holiday flight fares index

Anissa Ford's picture rolled out its Holiday Cheap Flights Index, which tracks over 11,000 airfares to help travelers find the cheapest possible flights during the busy holiday season.

CheapAir says it will continually update its Holiday Cheap Flights index so travelers can see how flight prices compare to the days, weeks, and months before.

"Holiday airfares can fluctuate dramatically and it's not too early to start thinking about your travel plans," said Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir. "Our goal is to give travelers the data and knowledge they need to find the most affordable flights."

To calculate the Holiday Cheap Flights Index, CheapAir tracks more than 11,000 domestic holiday flights each day. Then, CheapAir collects all the prices from a subset of the most popular markets in the U.S. and uses that sample to construct the Index.

According to the Index, fares had been climbing steadily since tracking began on May 22nd, until reversing course in early August. Between August 1 and August 13 the Index dropped 390 points, eventually bottoming out almost 6% off the peak of July 15. That amounts to a savings of nearly $106 for a family of four who bought their tickets at the bottom of that drop. To help travelers spot the next downtrend, the Index page will include regular updates from the CheapAir team that highlight trends and key findings from the Index.

The Holiday Cheap Flights Index also includes separate Thanksgiving and Christmas tabs with insight on which specific travel days have the highest or lowest fares. For instance, December 1 will be the busiest and therefore one of the most expensive travel days of the year, so travelers can save big by returning home from Thanksgiving on November 30, December 2 or 3.

During the Christmas season, a week-long trip that begins on Monday, December 23, will be significantly cheaper than a holiday that begins over a weekend. Conscientious travelers should avoid travelling on December 29 and January 5, the last Sunday before the business world kicks back into gear.

Travelers can book cheap holiday travel from CheapAir's website or the CheapAir app, now available on iOS devices. CheapAir mines over 25 million fares each day and helps travelers mix and match flights™ to create the most cost-efficient itineraries. CheapAir also pioneered Price Drop Payback™, which credits customers up to $100 per ticket if their fare drops after purchase.

This holiday season, the Holiday Cheap Flights Index and Price Drop Payback will ensure that travelers get the very best deal on the market.