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Edward Snowden can enjoy Quiznos subs in Russia

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The US Attorney General may wish to make toast of Edward J. Snowden, but thanks to a new Quiznos opening up in Moscow, Snowden can get a little homemade recourse, finally.

Edward Snowden can down a traditional American toasted Quiznos sub in Moscow or St. Petersburg where Grand Opening celebrations are underway.

Quiznos, the toasted sandwich chain based in Denver, CO, has two new sub shops opening in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The two chains will be ready to serve the general public on Monday, July 29. Edward Snowden is hiding out in Russia, a country that doesn't have any extradition policy with the US, but today's Quiznos sandwich Grand Opening is a lot less subtle.

In fact, today and tomorrow's grand opening celebrations are setting a precedent for the first of many Quiznos Russia ventures and locations to come.

The new American sandwich shops could be good news for Snowden, whose home state is North Carolina.

Edward Snowden leaked information to the public about privacy, lack thereof and the feds. But PR for the new Russia Quiznos is far less furtive. Branded as a QSR chain (quick service restaurant) the St. Petersburg and Moscow Quiznos are the first of hundreds the American chain anticipates opening in Russia in the next ten years.

The first Russian Quiznos, located at Moskovsky 2, opened Friday (today) with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a private Quiznos tasting for media. The Prospect Engels location does its Grand Opening tomorrow from 3 - 5 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony, street performers, face painters, and magicians.

The Moscow and St. Petersburg Quizons shops fully begin operations Monday, July 29th. Quizons' international team, Kenneth Cutshaw, President of International for Quiznos said, ""We couldn't be happier to be working with a strategic partner that knows the Russian market and its needs so well. The prime St. Petersberg location is a great example. We anticipate a warm Russian welcome from our consumers."

Founder and CEO of QSR Russia Darrin Stock said Russians have "extremely high standards". Stock said Russians want high quality and are "willing to pay for good value."

Stock anticipates that the Russian market will appreciate traditional favorites on the Quiznos menu like "Borscht and Cream Mushroom soup" in addition to the subs. The Quiznos located in the center city of Sennaya Square Metro, has over 34 million passengers annually. Stock equates those 34 million are a potential 90,000 future Quiznos customers.

In the next five years, QSR Russia plans to open more than 60 locations in St. Petersburg and more than 50 restaurants in Moscow. By 2023, Russia should have 500 Quiznos shops. Globally, the Denver based Quiznos chain expects to open more than 1000 locations in 40 countries by the year 2020.

Quiznos was founding in 1981, just a couple of years before Edward Snowden was born. Quiznos chefs set themselves apart from other sub shop sandwich makers with the discovery that "toasting brought out the best in every sandwich ingredient."

For Edward Snowden sympathizers, it's good news to hear the defector has a traditional American food chain from his generation within his reach.

Snowden's leak toThe Guardian about US internet surveillance and the American public is considered one of the largest US security breaches.. The US is promising not to torture or seek the death penalty for the security breach.

Russia has no extradition policy with the U.S. and for now, it looks like Snowden can eat American sandwiches, hide from the feds in Russia's white nights and find a way to as be as merry as possible.