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Lisa Rinna conspired and fired on Celebrity Apprentice (recap)

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Lisa Rinna got fired on the spot last night. If nothing else, Lisa Rinna's firing gives the remaining celebrity women a good idea of how hugely egotistical Dionne Warwick is and how sadistically revengeful Star Jones is.

Lisa Rinna was chosen as Team ASAP's group's project manager. The task last night was to create a children's book targeted for four-and-five-year-olds. The team's effort was a losing one. Lisa Rinna's leadership was sabotaged by Star Jones who watched Lisa make wrong move after wrong move and did nothing to stop it.

The sad thing about Lisa Rinna being fired is that it really did not matter if she was project manager or not. The ladies could not create as kid-friendly of a book for four-and-five-year-olds that the guys did. The guys had three talented musicians and song writers who worked creatively and cohesively on the book project. Their book about Lil John the new guy in school will be published eventually and its profits donated to charity.

Nene Leakes, an apparent Star Jones co-conspirator at this point in the series, said the women chose Rinna to be project manager because they wanted to get rid of Rinna. It's sad that the Jones, Warwick, Leakes conspiracy to get Lisa Rinna fired went so easily.

Rinna was an unwilling co-conspirator in her Celebrity Apprentice demise. Star Jones and Dionne Warwick both wanted full credit for the children's story book. Dionne Warwick wanted credit as creator and Star Jones wanted credit for writing the book. Rinna said no can do.

The entire group was proud of Rinna for standing up to Dionne Warwick and Star Jones and telling them no. But Donald Trump wanted to know why Lisa Rinna, in the boardroom, chose to point to the personalities of Star Jones and Dionne Warwick, rather than their losing efforts, as reason to fire either Star Jones or Dionne Warwick.

Stereotypically speaking because women are catty. So much so they'd create a story about a shy lion that judges felt was too sophisticated for four-and-five year-olds. Had Rinna allowed Star and Jones to put their name all over the book that failed, she'd likely be there and either Warwick or Jones would be gone.

But when Trump asked Lisa Rinna who should be fired, Rinna said Dionne Warwick should be fired because she is not a team player. America spent a good deal of time tweeting last night that Warwick is a really a disagreeable, narrow-minded older lady--or a diva in the worst sense. Trump and sons wanted Lisa Rinna to say that Dionne Warwick came up with a bad story idea despite clear objections from the group and therefore should be fired.

The Trump men, all three of them, gave Lisa Rinna ample opportunity to dog the book idea, but Rinna didn't pick up the clue fast enough. Sort of like their child's book, Rinna's battles with Star had more to do with ego and personality, than talent. Lisa Rinna was fired on the spot, even after Trump ogled her lips in front of everyone in the boardroom and had a long, unprofessional and demeaning conversation on looks, lips and botox.

Just what Rinna didn't need. Perhaps if Rinna had been told that she was an aging starlet and asked rather bluntly, "So, Lisa, whaddya have for us today?" things may have worked out better for Rinna.

Marlee Matlin was the only woman in the room able to stand up to Dionne Warwick during the challenge and during the boardroom meeting. Matlin, like Warwick, has also written children's books. Matlin had an idea to create a book about a deaf girl. Dionne Warwick said she did not believe that children were ready for that kind of diversity and that the idea was sad.

Marlee Matlin went off with enough fire and steam for Rinna but Rinna kept a cool distance and, despite protests from supermodel Nikki Taylor, who's proving to be one of the quiet leaders, Rinna agreed with Warwick and Jones.

Oh for compromise's sake. Last week Rinna hated Star and thought Star was terrible. This week as leader, Lisa Rinna's backstabbing ways from last week were turned around on her in the entire challenge. She played nice and lost. Lisa Rinna must not watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In the boardroom, Lisa Rinna yelled and cursed at Star Jones. "You threw me under the (expletive) bus, Star!" Star looked like the high school girl that didn't make the cheerleading squad, yet landed a date with the team's star quarterback anyway.

Shortly after the explosion, Lisa Rinna was fired.


Submitted by tsh85 on
I think it's sick that Donald Trump would even consider having a person like Dionne Warwick on his show...and the fact that Dionne is in anyway affiliated with doing anything for charity is a complete JOKE. Her history more than speaks for itself. Dionne Warwick has always been a scamming selfish woman, only out for herself. The woman has been stealing money from charities for years. Not to mention the almost 3 million dollars that she owes in back taxes and tax evasion. Have you all forgotten about the HUGE expose' 20/20 did on her back when she bankrupted all of those AIDS charities in all those cities because her DIVA demands outweighed the money taken in. I remember years ago she was asked to perform for a charity event with names much bigger than her. She was the only one that demanded payment for her appearance. She and her entourage billed the charity so much for first class airfare and hotels that the event ended up losing money for the charity. This woman cares about nobody but herself. How about in January of 2009 when she canceled her "Dionne Warwick American Music Inaugural Ball" and left hundreds of ticket purchasers and volunteers without any explanation and concern for their lost money and the fate of sensitive personal information they were scammed into giving up. Promoters claimed they needed social security numbers to clear for a potential visit from President Obama, which was a total scam. Hundreds upon hundreds of tickets were sold at $500 per ticket and none of this money was ever returned or refunded. Not to mention the thousands of dollars these people spent on dresses and airfare and hotel rooms for this event only to find out that the event was canceled that night. People who bought tickets have traced their purchases and canceled checks to the "Dionne and Friends Foundation which has been inactive for years nor holds any record of non-profit status with the IRS. Dionne has claimed that she only lent her name to this event and that all guilt lies upon the lap of the promoter, whom by coincidence, has been a close friend and business associate of Dionne's for over 20 years. (Sounds like Dionne has a long history of throwing people under the bus and letting other people take the blame) I can guarantee if she lent her name to this event, she had full knowledge of what was going on. I wouldn't be surprised if half of this money that was stolen from these people ended up in one of her overseas bank accounts. I'm glad she lives in South America. As far as I'm concerned, Brazil is not far enough. I can't believe that Donald Trump would even consider giving a person like this a spot on his show. Does he not do any investigative research on his contestants prior to their participation.

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