The nation's 10 best family vacation cities and how to get there cheaply

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There are ten must see cities that make for great family vacations.

Big and busy cities, like New York and Washington DC, are thrilling excitement for kids. Ten cities come out on top when it comes to vacationing with the kids.

Top Ten Family Vacation Cities

1. New York, NY (check low for flights as cheap as $49)

2. Washington, DC (TripAdvisor best DC vacation packages)

3. San Francisco, CA ($39 San Francisco Hotels, Priceline)

4. Chicago, IL (Wyndham Blake, $159 per night and more deals)

5. New Orleans, LA Try Groupon: google groupon, join with an email address and watch for the larger discounts at Groupon delivered to your inbox.

6. Honolulu, HI (, hotels in Waikiki starting at $139)

7. San Antonio, TX

8.. Fort Lauderdale, FL

9, San Diego, CA

10. Boston, MA'

For families who fly, the good news is that airlines constantly offer round trip discounts on flights to major cities, especially New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.
Check vacation packages and airline discounts for the lowest pricing. Planning early is the best money saver, and traveling in large groups also works for discounts with some vacation travel planning companies.
Family Vacation Critic ( ranked the ten best cities for families via poll.

According to the poll, 40 percent of parents find the toughest part of a city vacation to be finding a family-friendly hotel that fits the budget. Families also find it difficult to choose the best attractions to see (21%); locate good, kid-friendly restaurants (14%); and get around the city (13%).

"There are a number of factors for families to consider when visiting a city with kids, but planning in advance can help cut down the stress and ensure a successful family vacation," says Lissa Poirot, executive editor of Family Vacation Critic. "The best cities for families include a variety of kid-friendly hotels at a range of price points; plenty of fun attractions, parks and family-friendly activities; and an easy-to-navigate transportation system."

To help families plan weekend trips this fall, Family Vacation Critic has introduced new city guides with itinerary suggestions, hotel listings and planning tips.Visit the ten best cities at the family vacations site here.

Check out some of the airfare and hotel deals in New York and other cities too: