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Olive Garden for Valentine's Day Dinner? Why?

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Going to Olive Garden for Valentine's Day Dinner is a pretty trendy gesture. Olive Garden is a little pricier than Applebee's and Chile's and not a bad idea when trying to impress a date. But are you sure you want to go out?

Every year, on Valentine's Day, Olive Garden is popular among web surfers. A Salon article notes the trend and interestingly, Olive Garden has been the popular Valentine's Day Dinner search for two years now.

Other restaurants also begin to trend around supper time on Valentine's Day. And one grouchy poster chimed into the Salon website to say that all of the trending restaurants are for fat people.

Ouch, how grouchy.

After all, Valentine's Day isn't exactly about eating sugar free chocolate candy and counting calories.

Is it?

Pasta and salad for Valentine's Day Dinner at a restaurant is, perhaps, cool for couples who don't eat out often. But for those who do, one can only think that a home cooked meal by candlelight, wine and a good movie is the more romantic way to go.


Because people going to Valentine's Day Dinner tonight, whether it's Olive Garden or anywhere else have to stand in line. Most of these places don't take reservations.

How romantic is standing in line on Valentine's Day?

It isn't.

Unless of course you and your honey are so busy that your alone time consists of standing in line for hours at a crowded restaurant. Do happy couples really stand in line longer than they sit and eat?

So. Maybe it's worth it to pick up Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens magazines and choose a Valentine's Day Dinner and Dessert. Go grocery shopping for your key ingredients, spend some time together cooking in the kitchen and then voila, a grand dinner you've prepared yourselves and when you're done eating you don't have to get up to go anywhere but the couch or your bedroom.

Yes, that's the ticket. A grand romantic dinner of your dreams that may or may not beat the pants off of standing in line for dinner just because it's Valentine's Day and cupid and his dopamine filled arrow has pinched the brain.

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