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UFOs sightings in Middle East tied to alien activity during times of conflict, said ancients

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – Uprisings in the Middle East are fueling uncertainty worldwide, and also fueling speculation among the world-wide UFO community that there may be some connection with recent UFO sightings over Manama, Bahrain, and also Taiz, Yemen and early this morning over Benghazi, Libya; while a group of Oregon UFO “watchers” here at Stonefield Beach point to ancient texts from India as explanation for what’s driving the freedom fighters.

According to Oregon UFO “watcher” Jan Mahsai Dunford, the Indian scholar “Buddhaghosa,” wrote in the fifth-century that: “The being of the present moment has not lived, it does live just now, but it will not live in the future after thousands of beings have arisen with truth from the stars.”

Dunford, who’s parents immigrated from India to nearby Portland, Oregon in the early 1990’s, said the English translation of Buddhaghosa has “guided me on the path of enlightenment” after he viewed UFOs over the Oregon coast these past few years.

“What the people in Egypt and now in other areas of the Middle East are experiencing is the same kind of awakening that our UFO watcher group has realized,” asserts Dunford with a face that’s both a little wary and a little haunted.

“In other words, there’s something behind these millions of people rising up for their freedoms now and I’m saying it’s from the heavens. I’m saying these UFO sightings and lights over the Holy Land has something to do with it,” he adds while other watchers respond with a chorus of drawn-out ‘ohs,” and then laughter and excited applause.

Dunford then produces a large green picture of what looks like boxes within boxes, and explains that this is an ancient symbol from the days of Buddhaghosa that mystics in India and the Middle East used to induce trance states, “so as to commune with the spirit Gods in the heavens.”

How to have an open mind for UFO sightings

“What Jan (Dunford) brings to the watchers is a sort of spiritual view of what UFOs mean,” explains Ada Cushing while sharing an ancient text from India that Dunford has shared with the group.

In brief, the watchers believe that being able to view and understand a UFO sighting – based on Dunford’s teachings – means a complete deconstruction of all one’s rigid mental patterns and habits as well as the deconstruction of all one’s limiting beliefs.

Chushing says that “this deconstruction creates a space for true inquiry about alien life here on Earth.”

“When I was finally able to open my mind completely, I was in a place where I could experience something new such as the truth and reality that it’s all just wasted space out there if we are the only ones,” says Chushing. “Therefore an open mind is required to really appreciate these UFO sightings over the Middle East right now and why there are happening at the same time people are rising up. What’s behind it all other than just people wanting freedom, as Jan explains.”

Moreover, Dunford said the Buddhaghosa taught back in the fifth century that “humans need to break their habit of looking at experience in terms of labels or concepts and instead observe ultimate reality directly.”

Dunford said this is done “each and everytime the watchers pay attention to those lights in the night sky, and by really seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling in their most primitive state, what’s going on with UFOs in our world today.”

When describing Stonefield Beach, locals want visitors to stay away

Meanwhile, both “watchers” and locals who seem to enjoy this rustic stretch of Oregon coast at Stonefield Beach want “others to stay away,” adds Chushing.

The Oregon coast has long been associated with UFO encounters due to such things as the geologic oddity of rock formations along the coast that some say are markers for UFO visits.

In fact, Stonefield is perhaps the most secluded and exclusive of the central Oregon coast parks.

There are formally declassified documents at a nearby Newport historic museum points to a period during World War II and then in the late 1950’s when “the U.S. government installed numerous secret look out facilities in the area around Cape Perpetua.”

What’s interesting to local UFO hunters is that one of these “stone” lookout bunkers still sits near the top of Cape Perpetua that looks right down on Stonefield Beach.

“It’s sort of prehistoric. There’s remains of whales, sea lions and the only place that I know of along the coast where you see dozens of wild rabbits that are huge in size. And, there’s these people who camp out and burn fires amongst the Stonefield rock formations that’s creepy,” said one visitor on Saturday during a recent “watcher” meeting at the beach.

What’s also creepy, “is the locals want you out of here, big time. They know this is a free beach and part of Oregon’s national recreation area, but don’t hang at Stonefield after hours,” the visitor said.

At Stonefield, there’s no such thing as popular beach spots, or shops or restaurants. “There’s just death on the beach and the place reeks to high heaven. It’s as if someone or something doesn’t want the locals or tourists to visit there,” says coastal resident Mackenzie Ryan.

Moreover, Ryan notes “these strange lights and an eerie glow that seems to light up everything around. You see the light on the drift wood that litters the Stonefield beach, and you see it in the sky over the mountains that sit right behind this beach spot. There’s no place like it.”

Along a grassy hill there sits -- in the sea of rocks – what can only be described as mounds of formed and hardened sand. “We can’t explain it. It’s these small mounds and the crazy glow on everything at Stonefield that spooks us at this time of the year,” she said.

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