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“Paranormal Activity 2” wins weekend box office with $41.5 million

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The scary movie took the weekend as the sequel to the surprise hit from 2009, “Paranormal Activity,” won the weekend by earning $41.5 million. “Paranormal Activity 2” picks up the story where the first movie left off and did most of its business on Friday night with a one-day take of $20.1 million. The movie’s intake dropped to about $13 million for Saturday.

The first movie had a slow roll out. It was promoted heavily online with fans voting which cities would have showings. Eventually word-of-mouth for the movie grew. The original was produced for about $15,000 and grossed over $100 million. With an ultimate gross like that, a sequel was inevitable.

“Jackass” moves down

It was a great weekend for Paramount Studios, as they are the producer of “Paranormal Activity 2” and they were the studio behind the number two movie, “Jackass 3D.” The movie was the winner last weekend with a $50 million opening weekend. For this weekend, the movie earned second place with $21.6 million.

“Red,” the Bruce Willis action-comedy about retired CIA spies, slipped from number two to number three. It earned a healthy $15 million and has earned an overall $43.5 million.

A newcomer into the top five movies of the weekend is the latest from director Clint Eastwood, “The Hereafter.” The Matt Damon-starring vehicle was doing well in extreme limited release but was released widely this weekend. It earned $12 million to come into the fourth spot.

Rounding out the top five was “The Social Network.” The movie deals with the creation of Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It earned $7.3 million.

Next weekend should be interesting as “Paranormal Activity 2” faces off against the latest in the “Saw” series. It is the seventh in the series. Last year “Paranormal Activity” and “Saw VI” matched up wide release with the smaller-budget movie destroying the franchise handily.

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