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“Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis announces adoption of daughter

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The notoriously private celebrity of the HBO series Sex and the City, Kristin Davis, has copied her character from the show a bit and announced that she has adopted a daughter.

On the show, Davis’ character, Charlotte York wanted to be a mother desperately. She tried several times to have a baby naturally within the course of the show. Near the end of the final seasons that the series was on HBO, she and her husband, lawyer Harry Goldenblatt, adopted a child named Lily from China.

According to media reports, Davis has announced that she is copying her character a bit by adopting a child of her own. Davis reportedly told People magazine that she had adopted Gemma Rose Davis. The major difference being that Davis reportedly adopted her child domestically rather than traveling to China as her character did.

Of the celebrities from the Sex and the City crew, Davis is probably one of the most private. She has not starred in many movies or other shows since the series went off the air, other than the two movies based on the series. Her one infamous outside story that got any attention was a brief time dating Alec Baldwin.

Davis reportedly told the magazine that adopting a daughter was something that has been on her mind for some time now. There were no photos of the child available yet and Davis’ representatives had no further comment on the adoption or what Davis was up to now.

Davis got her start by playing a couple of roles on various soap operas. She had a role on General Hospital, the long-running daytime soap opera. Then she graduated to playing a villain role on the nighttime soap Melrose Place. She also had guest roles on popular shows such as Friends and Seinfeld.

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