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“Swine Flu Bandit” has been captured, says FBI

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He got his name from robbing banks while wearing a surgical mask. At times, he reportedly told people working at the bank that he was recovering from the swine flu. Whether any of that is true is unknown but the FBI has stated that they arrested Matthew Mahoney as the man who has robbed nine banks around the Chicago area.

Chicago police today announced that they had captured Mahoney as he was planning to rob a tenth bank. So far he has robbed eight banks in Chicago and one in Northwest Indiana. He was taken into custody on Wednesday after witnesses saw a man resembling a description of a man who had robbed the same bank before.

Spotted carrying a gun

When the police moved in and arrested Mahoney they found him with a 9mm handgun in his possession. The police were waiting for him inside the First American Bank branch located at 1241 Wabash Avenue. Employees had spotted a man matching a description of the man who had previously robbed the bank previously standing around outside the bank.

Two of the robberies that Mahoney has been charged with happened just earlier this week. In both cases they were at Chase bank branches.

Mahoney has been charged with one count of Armed Bank Robbery, which is a felony offense. That charge is connected with a bank robbery at a Chase bank branch that happened on Monday.

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