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13-year-old Missouri boy admits to killing his parents

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A judge in Missouri has determined that a 13-year-old boy who admitted to killing his parents should be held indefinitely in a juvenile detention center. The boy confessed to shooting his mother and his step-father. The confession came just after the judge ruled he would not be tried as an adult.

The boy’s name has not been released due to his minor status. He sat between his attorney and birth-father during the court proceedings yesterday. He was only 12 when the murders occurred.

Bodies found in mobile home

In 2009 police found the bodies of Rachel Duncan, 35, and Jaeson Duncan, 31, lying in their mobile home in Kaiser, Missouri. The town is not far from the Lake of the Ozarks region. Jaeson was found near the door to the home and Rachel was lying in the main bedroom.

A sheriff’s deputy stated during the court proceedings that he saw the young man coming out of the home and then stating to police that he had witnessed the shooter fleeing. The police then found a .22 caliber handgun and a rifle hidden in a shed. The young boy had also asked to spend the night with a neighbor the night before the shooting and had been refused.

The Judge during the proceedings yesterday stated that the boy should be held at the state Division of Youth Services which is allowed to keep custody until inmates are 18. The wrinkle in that rule is that they can petition to hold them until they turn 21.

The Judge stated that he agreed the murders were brutal and serious, but that the boy had a chaotic home life. He also stated that he firmly believed the young man could be rehabilitated.

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