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20-year-old police chief in Mexico is fired after not showing up for work

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She grabbed headlines last year when she, at merely 20-years-old, became police chief in a town where previous chiefs, as well as policemen, were murdered and now she may have fled for her life.

Marisol Valles Garcia was fired today from her job as the Chief of Police for Praxedis G. Guerrero, Mexico. She had failed to show up for work today, the day when a scheduled leave of absence was scheduled to end. There are some who believe that she may have fled to the United States to seek asylum.

According to reports from CNN, Valles Garcia’s exact whereabouts are actually unknown. A statement from the town’s secretary said that he was unsure of where she may have been.

Valles Garcia made headline news in 2010 when she took over the spot of Chief of Police in the crime ridden town. She was Chief of Police in an area that is wracked with drug cartel violence. Praxedis G. Guerrero has experienced deaths, hits and executions against members of law enforcement.

Valles Garcia reportedly asked for time off to take care of her sick 8-month-old baby. The police force expected her to return to work today. She didn’t show up and she did not phone and ask for an extension on her leave.

There have been reports for days now, however, that Valles Garcia had fled to the United States to seek asylum from the members of the drug cartel that have been threatening her. Reporters were finding it difficult to get anyone in the town to go on record that they knew where she might be for fear of their lives.

She took the post of Police Chief back in October of 2010. She was the only person who responded to a call from the mayor to take the position. Statistics from the Mexican government stated that there have been 34,600 drug-related deaths since a crackdown against the drug cartels began in 2006.

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