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3-year-old starts house fire in Cicero, Illinois

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Fire department officials and the police say that a 3-year-old boy took a lighter from his grandmother’s purse and started a house fire in the Chicago suburb of Cicero. The tot was not harmed.

The fire broke out in a bedroom at about noon at 2233 59th Avenue in Cicero, according to statements from Cicero emergency responders. One woman was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene but no one was rushed to the hospital. The fire reportedly destroyed the bedroom in which it was started, but did not destroy the entire house or spread to other residences.

Boy grabbed a lighter

Investigators say they believe a 3-year-old boy reached into his grandmother’s purse and removed a cigarette lighter. He then is believed to have crawled upstairs and lit the mattress in the upstairs bedroom on fire.

When firefighters were called they found the bedroom ablaze but had little trouble getting the fire under control. The fire fighters who spoke to the local media said they were unsure how the 3-year-old managed to escape the fire unharmed.

The American Red Cross has been contacted. The three individuals who were living in the home, including the toddler, have been put up in a local hotel. The firefighters also said they are determined to make sure the family has food for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is unclear, at this time, if there were working smoke detectors in the home.

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