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370 auto crashes blamed on ice in Minnesota

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Saturday night was a rough one even in Minnesota which is hardly a stranger to snow and ice. Freezing rain turned the roads into sheets of ice and that ice is being blamed for 370 automobile crashes around the state. Most of those were in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. One person has been reported killed.

The rain started on Saturday and then the temperature rapidly plummeted throughout the day. That caused the rain to turn the wet pavement into sheets of ice. Many times the ice was known as “black ice” which is usually invisible to drivers. Thus, many drivers were unaware they were driving on ice until they were already on it.

Warnings continued into Sunday

Law enforcement and emergency officials throughout the state were still warning drivers about the treacherous weather and road conditions on Sunday. The temperature remained unseasonably high during the day and then froze again as the sun went down. The freezing rain advisory had expired at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. However, the weather service quickly released a second advisory that would last until 3 p.m. on Monday.

Some of the weather forecasters in the area have predicted that the ice will get as thick as one-tenth of an inch in some spots. They are predicting such levels on many of the state’s roadways and especially bridges and overpasses.

The one fatal accident happened on Saturday night. It happened on an ice-covered road and investigators believe that ice was likely at least some factor in the accident. Emergency officials were overloaded with crash investigations.

Saturday night appeared to be the worst of it. Over 50 crashes that were reported during the Saturday night freezing rain had injuries reported. Thankfully, none of those injuries had been listed as serious.

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