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Actor from 'Terminator' series is now missing, according to police

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Actor Nick Stahl gained fame, initially, starring with Mel Gibson in The Man Without a Face, but also played John Connor in the Terminator series, but now the young actor has gone missing.

According to Los Angeles Police, the actor has not been seen since last Wednesday, May 9. His wife, Rose, reportedly filed a police report, reporting the actor as missing this past Monday. As to where the actor might be, there are some rumors and supposed sightings, but police are not sure.

The story has been reported in various sources, including MSNBC and TMZ. Stahl was a child actor who got his first big movie role in the first film directed by Mel Gibson, The Man Without a Face. He was just 13 at the time the film came out, but he looked even younger. Stahl has also starred in films such as Bully and played the villain known as Yellow Bastard in the adaptation of the comic book Sin City.

Stahl’s biggest break may have come when he was asked to play John Connor in the third installment of the Terminator series. He played a grown-up version of the man who would, within the context of the movie franchise, lead the humans in a resistance movement against the machines that had taken over the world. He starred in the film along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Claire Danes.

As to what happened to Stahl last week, there are only rumors. One rumor states that he was seen in a very gritty area of downtown Los Angeles known as Skid Row. This has prompted rumors from friends and family that Stahl may have "gotten himself involved in some bad stuff."

Stahl is married to Rose Murphy. The two married in 2009. They have a daughter. The couple was living separately and had been separated since January of 2012. According to Murphy, she last saw Stahl on May 9.

The rumors continue to filter in that the young actor may be dead. There have been several updates to his Wikipedia page that indicate he died May 5 in North Korea. Another update in his biography states he died May 16 in Georgia. Since Wikipedia can be updated so easily by nearly anyone who signs up, the truth behind any of these statements remains to be seen.

Stahl has continued to work steadily since he stint in the apocalyptic Terminator film. He has worked steadily on television, mostly.

Los Angeles Police are asking that anyone who knows anything about the actor’s whereabouts to contact them. As of Wednesday afternoon, Stahl’s rep had declined to comment to the press.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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