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Actress quits troubled Spider-Man Broadway musical

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One of the lead actors in the most expensive musical in Broadway history, "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has quit the troubled show.

The actress, Natalie Mendoza, plays the villain Arachne, a character invented exclusively for the play, announced that she would be leaving the show earlier this week. The show has had a string of bad luck and incidents that have left many wondering if the most-expensive show in the history of Broadway should even continue.

Just a couple of weeks ago, while playing before a full house, actor and stunt-man Christopher Tierney was injured when a stunt went wrong during a performance. The show was immediately stopped and Tierney was rushed to the hospital. He is, reportedly, making a recovery.

The show, meanwhile, has been beset with problems. During rehearsals, two stunt doubles were injured. Even Mendoza was injured during one of the first nights of preview performances. She suffered a concussion when she was hit in the head by a piece of moving scenery.

Mendoza had last performed in the show on December 20, the same night that Tierney was injured. That night the safety rope that was supposed to catch Tierney during an aerial sequence failed and he fell 30 feet into an open hole on stage.

The show reportedly has cost $65 million. The music was created by U2 performers Bono and The Edge. The show is still in preview performances and is still scheduled to open officially on February 7, 2011.

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