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Allegations hurled a Notre Dame raise questions of safety

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The University of Notre Dame out of South Bend, Indiana, is now finding itself once again embroiled in controversies that are raising questions of student safety. Not long after a student died in high winds while taking video of the football team, a student suicide and allegations of sexual abuse have arisen that are creating more problems for university leadership.

Just a few days ago a female student from nearby St. Mary’s College committed suicide just days after visiting the Notre Dame campus and filing a report with campus police. She alleged she was attacked by a football player.

Allegations a “university matter”

The man who was accused attacking the female student has continued to play for the football team. The coach of the Notre Dame team told the press that the allegations are a “university matter” and that there was nothing he could do about the investigation. He also told the press that the university management was checking into the situation and following proper procedures.

The student who committed suicide, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg, apparently took an overdose of prescription drugs in her dorm room. She committed the act back in September, according to the report that was released today.

Seeberg’s parents have hired a lawyer, a former federal prosecutor, to look into the investigation. The management of Notre Dame has refused to make any statement about the case or even acknowledge that they are investigating the matter.

Another accusation, according to local police, is that the university did not tell police officials about the accusations made by Seeberg when they began investigating her death.

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