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Ann Curry offered $10 mil to leave 'Today', reports say

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The saga of whether or not the executives at NBC are getting rid of Today host Ann Curry as co-host with Matt Lauer continues with reports she may have been offered $10 mil to leave the show.

This is a controversy that fans of the morning news and chat shows, including NBC's Today show have seen before. There are few who were around when Jane Pauley left who can forget what happened to her replacement, Deborah Norville, and how Norville was quickly ushered out the door. Now it seems as his if history is repeating itself.

As was reported here at Huliq, it appears as of NBC is trying to get current co-host Ann Curry out the door and have been blaming her for the show’s sagging ratings. This comes, however, just after the show beat its chief rival, Good Morning America, just last week. Now, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that NBC has made an offer to Curry of $10 million if she would just leave the post she was only assigned last year.

Reports are that Curry has already started making plans once the Today gig ends. These reports state that Curry plans to spend time with family before returning to work, likely for NBC. It is also likely she would return to work as a foreign correspondent for the NBC News.

Curry took over the role from popular co-host Meredith Viera in 2011. Curry had been manning the news desk for the show for years, slowly becoming more and more a part of the show as the years went on. When she replaced Viera, the move was welcomed, initially, but many say that she has little to no chemistry with Lauer and many have put the sagging ratings of the Today show squarely on Curry’s shoulders, deserved or not.

Today remains the number one national morning news show. It has been reported that Curry had a five-year deal with NBC to keep the anchor position.

Curry has not made any comment about these rumors that have been hammering the internet and airwaves. She has maintained a classy air, according to many, quietly making plans and not doing anything to cause any problems at NBC or for her co-workers.

Some fans have reportedly started an online petition to try and save Curry in the job for which she is best known. There was even speculation that Curry might not show up for work once the rumors started.

There are now rumors that Curry could be replaced by Savannah Guthrie or Hoda Kotb.

Photo of Ann Curry courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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