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Apple-1 computer sells at auction for over $200,000

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One of the first computers, originally put together in a garage by the founders of Apple, Inc., sold today at auction for $213,600. The auction was held by Christie’s in England and was bought by a private collector.

According to a statement released by Christie’s the private collector’s name is Marco Boglione. The computer came with a note from Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, and a box with the original Apple logo stamped right on it. The original logo depicted Sir Isaac Newton with an apple falling on his head.

Original price over $600

The computer was one of the first desk-sized personal computers on the market. Previously computers took up entire rooms and were very complex. The Apple-1 was easy to use. It sold for $666.66. Unlike some other computers that were for sale at the time, the users did not have weld the motherboard together.

The Apple-1 was built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They built the machine starting in 1976. It has been credited with starting the home computing revolution. Of course, these days, the Apple company makes some of the most popular computers and electronic gadgets available for the average consumer.

According to a statement from the Associated Press, Wozniak was at the auction on Tuesday. He also added a letter to the pile of components the auction winner received.

Christie’s announced the auction some days ago. They felt that the Apple-1 would sell for between $160,000 and $200,000. The $213,000 price set a new record at Christie’s for an auction involving a personal computer.

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