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Areas of California now under a state of emergency

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More rain is forecast for the state of California due to the bad weather and some areas have now been put under an emergency declaration by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The declaration put about half-a-dozen counties under the emergency declaration early Wednesday morning. The weather services, meanwhile, are forecasting yet another storm likely to bring heavy rain to low-lying areas and snow to mountainous areas for California. The threat is for flooding and mudslides as the rain continues.

California has been pummeled by one storm system after another. The rain started last Friday and has continued almost non-stop since then. In the lower areas this has already caused flooding as, at times, feet of rain have fallen over the course of several hours. In the higher elevations, such as in the mountains east of much of the state, have experienced huge amounts of snowfall.

The declaration of emergency covers the counties of Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare. Some areas have not been evacuated due to the risk of flooding. In Los Angeles County more than 230 homes were evacuated. There has even been record rain in the Mojave Desert such as the community of Hesperia.

The water has been falling so fast and creates so many flooded streets that motorists have been forced to abandon cars. Also, AAA Motor Club has reported a record number of phone calls to report batteries that are dead, requests for towing and high numbers of vehicle accidents.

The storms are coming from an air flow known as the “Pineapple Express.” The winds that bring the rains originate near the Hawaiian Islands. These storms tend to race across the Pacific, generating massive storms in front of them which bring the heavy rains and heavy snowfalls.

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